To cover 8th grade standards, a multi-visit approach is needed. Below is the list of lessons currently developed to accomplish this.  The standards may be met more than once during this series of lessons. 


During this lesson, a comparison is made between the planets and the sun in a three-dimensional way. The simulation begins with the dwarf planet Pluto and continues to compare the solar system continuing until all the gas giant planets are displayed. Then the planets are compared to our sun and students can see the stark differences in size. The simulation continues to show our sun as compared to other stars and students see that our star is small when compared to some, and huge when compared to others. Live interaction is key during this part of the lesson. 


A flight out of the Milky Way galaxy shows that billions of stars make up our galaxy and that billions of galaxies exist in our universe.


The show "From Earth to the Universe" is then used to support these concepts. A quiz for post-show is being developed. This show demonstrates the compositions of the planets during a solar system tour. 




Still under construction