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Follow this link to request a visit: Book a Visit

Follow this link to request reimbursement of  travel costs from Sourcewell: Travel Costs

If I am a teacher at a Region 5 school and want to bring a group to the planetarium how do I schedule a visit?

First, check available dates on the "Calendar" tab. Pick a day that is open and contact us through the Google Form below to schedule a visit on that day. Groups can reserve either a morning time or an afternoon time.  Once we have contacted you and set up a date you will see your group scheduled on the calendar.


What is the cost to my public school if I teach in a Region 5 school district?

There is no cost, even for transportation! Follow this link, for reimbursement of your transportation costs. Sourcewell will handle the reimbursement. This is made possible through the Sourcewell Innovation Funding program. Private schools will need to cover their own transportation costs.

Brainerd Business Manager: Marci Lord (218) 454-6914  or


Is there money in the grant to cover sub cost back in my building?

No. Usually, teachers come with their students so there isn't a need for a sub back in the building. At this time there is no budget for sub coverage.


What else can our classes do while at Forestview?

Forestview has a very large outdoor space, playgrounds and school forest that groups can use during their visit.  If groups need to be split due to numbers or varying grade levels, there are indoor spaces at Forestview that can be reserved to accomadate your needs.


What else can our classes do while we are in the Brainerd area?

Here is a list of other stops classes have used to extend their day while in the Brainerd area:

     Brainerd Northland Arboretum (


     Crow Wing County Historical Museum

     The Dean Mackey Forest at Foresetview (

     Fort Ripley

     Paul Bunyan Land

     Jack's Bowling


What is the cost to my school if I am not a teacher in a Region 5 school district?

There is a fee of $5 per student and transportation will not be reimbursed. 


Can I book a group visit if my group is not a public school group?

 Yes, but there will be a charge ($3 per person or $100 minimum) and the public school groups will have priority in scheduling. The planetarium is funded through Sourcewell. At this time the funding is specifically targeted towards the 22 public school districts in region 5. 


Can I schedule a visit in the evening for a scout group or something similar?

Yes. The charge for an evening group is a $150 flat fee for a one-hour session. 


What "show" or topic will my group experience?

That depends on what you would like to see. You can check the "Shows" tab above or contact us to customize a lesson for your group. Given enough time many topics can be addressed. A portion of your visit will usually be a live interaction followed by viewing a show or demo. 


When can I bring a group to the planetarium?

Check the calendar on this site and please do not request a date less than two weeks from today or on a day that is already booked. We will try to meet your requests or work out a date and time that works for both your group and the planetarium director.  The planetarium is open only during the school year.

Follow this link to request a visit: Book a Visit

If you have questions...please contact:

Tim Peabody - Planetarium Director

Phone:  (218) 454-6651


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