The Forestview Planetarium, through funding from Sourcewell is beginning a program for students of Forestview Middle School to check out a powerful telescope! The telescope program is called Astronomy School Telescope at Residence (ASTAR).  ASTAR requires that at least one parent along with their student attend an "orientation to the telescope" class on the day of check out.


If you and your student are interested in ASTAR follow this link for more information and to submit required parent and student information before being considered for checkout. 


ASTAR will begin every school year and continue throughout the year.

If you are looking for a great star chart (planisphere) follow this link to Amazon:

It's only $4.00 and is very easy to use. It's good for any night of the year for any time of the night. 

Hey, check out these cool pics from students who have taken home the telescopes. These are amazing! If you have other pics to share while using and ASTAR telescope please send them to me.

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