If you are a teacher bringing your students to Forestview, and you plan on using the Makerspace lab please click on this link for a full preview of what you will see when your students explore this amazing space!


Here you go: FMS Makerspace Lab!





Forestview Middle School has recently combined efforts with the planetarium to convert a computer lab to our new Makerspace Lab. This creates a second opportunity for students visiting the planetarium to engage in hands-on activities while at Forestview. Many activities are "ready to use" when students enter the room including several that are STEM in nature. Our latest addition to the lab is an interactive sand table that literally becomes a live topographic map as students move the sand by hand. See the video below. Thank you to Chris Kelly, Chaunzi Segler, and Joe Pohlkamp for their efforts to create this amazing opportunity for our visitors to Forestview!!


Other videos to come...




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